Briefs vs Boxers

Briefs vs Boxers

The primary difference between briefs and boxer shorts is the fit. Briefs are tight against the leg and crotch, while shorts are loose-fitting with more room. Other differences include the fabric and the design of the pouch.

The difference in fit is subjective to the individual guy. Thunder thighs, monster dongs, balloon sacks, and dump truck asses count. Some guys like the support of the briefs, and some like the air flowing breeze of boxer shorts.

The fabrication of briefs consists of modern threads like polyester and elastane. These stretchier yet tighter fabrics provide the classic brief fit. The result is smaller leg holes and closer support for the pork n' beans. This design makes briefs an ideal style for athletes and guys who like things a bit closer!

Boxer shorts are usually made with cotton and cotton blends. The oldest examples of cotton clothing date back to 6000 BCE Peru. That is some old underwear! That sort of reliability stands for something. One thousand years later, across the planet, the Kingdom of Kush mastered cotton clothing and created one heady scene. If you like free flowing balls then boxer shorts are the way to go. But take your pants off after a sexy date. They might not win you a home run!

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