Good Boys Wear Garçon

Good Boys Wear Garçon

When you think of Garçon underwear two words come to mind, sexy and stylish. The neon waistbands and the vivid fabric choices make any guy stand out in the gym locker room. Superbly designed, Garçon has made sure they haven't compromised comfort over design.

Our two favourites are the San Macro and the Miramar brief. Both have a beautiful gold Garçon logo but differ because one is classic white while the other has a sleek black design. Check out these and other Garçon's underwear in their collection on the Urban Brief website.

Patrick and Mehdi from Garçon took some time to answer a few questions about their amazing brand. Let's find out more about their journey.

We want to get to know you more! Can you tell us briefly about your story and your journey to the underwear industry? 

Founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Garçon was launched with the aim of creating a stylish underwear brand that is both elegant and sexy.

Creators Patrick and Mehdi designed their first line with the modern man in mind; The Garçon brand remains shaped by Mehdi’s upbringing in Paris as well as Patrick’s early immersion in fashion, observing his mother who worked as a seamstress in Montréal.

Tell us the idea behind the brand name Garçon?

Initially branded as 'Garçon Model’ (a play on a French expression meaning "Good Boy”), we have been affectionately referred to as ‘Garçon’ by fans and customers alike, and officially rebranded as such earlier this year

Describe Garçon underwear in 3 words. 

Fun, Unique & Sexy

What makes Garçon stand out from the rest of underwear brands? 

Quality products with vibrant colours and patterns. We're always looking at doing different collections for today's men's underwear. 

What is your inspiration when designing underwear? 

Be bold, be different and Classic

What should the readers expect when they buy a pair of Garçon underwear? 

Awesome quality, something different and unique that will spice up your wardrobe.

In this difficult time, with the global pandemic happening around the world, how do you keep grounded? 

Most importantly stay healthy and do a lot of fitness activities. Stay in touch with friends and family with facetime. Be patient, we're all in this together and we'll get through this. 

We are happy to finally bring Garçon to the Philippines. Any message to all Filipino men who are super excited about it? 

We're super excited to bring Garcon to the Philippines and showcase all the awesome Filipinos on our Instagram page. 

As we always say, YOU DESERVE GOOD BRIEFS. Try Garçon and see it for yourself.

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